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Management Assessment: Referencing

Our client was a lower mid-market investor focused on various service sectors with a growth acceleration strategy achieved through roll-outs and buy & build, investing in businesses valued between £10m – £75m.

Scope The client was seeking to back a CEO entrepreneur in his strategy to acquire and merge two niche financial services businesses before going on to make further acquisitions. Given the inherent risk in backing a buy-in CEO, magnified by keeping the founders of the investee businesses in the group, our client wanted to undertake a fully comprehensive referencing project.
Process We met the CEO and completed a thorough interview covering his career to date, his achievements, his successes and failures, his leadership style, his motivations and values. This was a people-based business where relationships internally and externally were critical and the buy & build strategy meant understanding his softer skills and what sort of culture he was likely to create were equally important as understanding his technical strengths and weaknesses. Having met the CEO, we undertook a far-reaching referencing speaking to 17 referees including 5 off-list.
Outcome We presented our report to the investment team and talked through with them our assessment of the candidate and any potential issues or development areas that they may wish to take into consideration as they finalised investment plans.
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