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Management Assessment: Pre-Acquisition Assessment

A privately owned, founder managed specialist financial services business with a strong track record and market leading position. A mid-market investor with nearly 40 years’ experience investing in businesses valued up to £150m across various sectors and investment themes.

Scope The investor was seeking to acquire a majority stake in this business and support its continued expansion. The senior management team had worked together for 20 years meaning external referencing was potentially difficult. The CEO founder was a typical entrepreneur, highly capable but potentially dominant creating questions around key man risk and whether his wider team were genuinely strong.
Process We met the full management team of 5 for an introductory meeting and agreed our process before asking them all to complete the Hogan Lead series of psychometric assessments. We then conducted thorough interviews with each team member individually exploring issues of strengths & weaknesses, style, motivations etc., as well as diving down into how decisions were made in the organisation. We interpreted their Hogan results and conducted feedback reviews of these with each individual, exploring how their results may be useful going forward. Finally we undertook externally references on all of the team members speaking to advisors, customers, intermediaries etc as we were unable to speak to former employers/colleagues given their long tenure with the group.
Outcome We presented a comprehensive report including our interview transcripts, the results and interpretation of the Hogan assessments, and our opinion and recommendations. Our report not only assessed the individuals but the team as a whole, addressing culture, vision, common goals and highlighting where potential issues may lie. By combining in-depth interviews and psychometrics we were able to give the investor comfort that the team had been widely assessed and understood despite the lack of widespread referencing.
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