Case Studies

Perception Study: Deal Origination

A UK private equity fund with over 40 years of history and top decile investment performance. A generalist investor operating across sectors and investing £40-150m in companies with an EV of £75 – 500m.

Scope We were mandated to undertake a study to understand fund’s reputation and relationships with their intermediaries; our report was to form part of the fund’s strategy away day. Themes covered were deal sourcing, deal process, investment judgement, network, culture, brand. Questions delved into detail on what sort of deal advisors would bring to the fund, why they would or wouldn’t show them an opportunity, how far up their call list they were.
Process Working closely with the team, we designed the project plan, agreed the target interviewees (25 UK intermediaries across a range of firms), composed the questionnaires and conducted non-attributable telephone interviews. The interviews comprised of 25 qualitative questions (free flow response) and 10 quantitative questions (scored 1-10).
Outcome Our report comprised interview transcripts, overview analysis and recommended actions. We addressed concerns and offered advice on matters such as how to differentiate themselves better, how to close the gap between perception and reality, where they could be smarter in the market, giving them lots of “take-aways” to work with at their strategy day and going forward.
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