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Management Assessment: Post-Acquisition Development

Professional Services business headquartered in The Netherlands with international operations, majority backed by a German private equity investor two years previously.

Scope We had completed the management due diligence on the senior management of the sales organisation prior to the investment. We were requested to come back to the business and complete two projects assisting the Global Head of HR with recruitment and development issues. Project One was to provide an independent recruitment assessment of a potential new Chief Commercial Officer joining the board, Project Two was to assess a senior manager for potential promotion to a European team leadership role.
Process In both cases we met the individuals and conducted comprehensive interviews against the Job Specifications and company Core Competencies. We then brought in a Chartered Psychologist to conduct psychometric testing and undertake feedback interviews with the candidates.
Outcome For Project One we provided our assessment of the preferred candidate, including fit to culture and ability to deliver the business plan. For Project Two we provided our assessment of when/if the candidate was suitable for promotion, along with developmental recommendations to help enable the individual reach their full potential.
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