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Management Assessment: Post-Acquisition Development

Group of manufacturing companies with distinct market leading brands. Mid-market private equity investor acquired a majority stake with an investment thesis of continued growth, new product development and geographical expansion.

Scope We completed in-depth referencing (both named and unnamed) of the executive board prior to acquisition. Post-acquisition scope was expanded to include further assessment of the wider team from the board down to facility general managers to support the team’s future growth and development, enabling them to bring the individual businesses together more coherently without losing the inherent entrepreneurial spirit of the distinct entities. The project’s purpose was to help the business and investor understand:
  • What is our DNA, purpose, mission, goal?
  • What are our organisational competencies?
  • What, if anything, needs to change/evolve to enable our business to be as successful as it can be?
  • How can we support our people whilst encouraging them to continuously improve and excel?
  • How do we build open and transparent communication throughout the organisation?
  • How do we create a culture where people feel empowered, engaged and fulfilled, and take responsibility and ownership for their own results as well as the results of the wider organisation?
Process The detailed scope was agreed working closely with the CEO and Chair as well as the investor. Participants were agreed along with which tools to incorporate. Hogan MVPI was included to enable greater understanding of values, goals, motivations and ultimately culture, along with the GC Index to help understand how each individual can best have an impact. Participants completed the assessment tools in advance of meeting with Firefly; Firefly visit all sites to understand the culture before conducting individual in-depth meetings with each participant.
Outcome Report produced including transcripts of meetings, Hogan MVPI and GC Index reports, overview and assessment of participants as individuals and of the team as a whole. We provided our recommendations for future development actions to address the issues agreed in the project scope.
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