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The GC Index ®
The GC Index ®is a radical re-think of organisations identify and nurture talent. It is an Organimetric (organisation metric) that identifies how people at all levels make their best impact. It provides data that can inform decisions.

Organisations typically make people decisions based on a combination of an individual’s Expertise, Experience and Personality – The GC Index ® enables an organisation to measure Energy for Impact as well, driving better people decisions based upon the impact and contribution their people can actually make.

The ease of use of The GC Index ® and its visual depiction makes it a powerful tool that can be used with individuals, teams and whole organisations.

The GC Index ® can be used in a wide variety of situations including:

Strategic transformation

Mergers & Acquisitions
Culture change and enhancement

Operational improvement
Recruitment and development

Organisational design and development
The GC Index ®
The GC Index® - Individual
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